Sports correspondent, Florida news entertainment:

We provide daily news coverage “hot” from Miami to Latin America.

Sending 2-5 minutes of original programming at least 5 times per week.

Sending the material in digital format via the Internet ready to be transmitted to the air minutes after being recorded.

Telephone coverage in “Live and Direct” according to the needs of the media.

Identification and signal reporter with Channel logo required by the customer.


In Miami over 200 concerts annually, over 300 album releases and thousands of press conferences promoting artists in general are performed. Thanks to our services at a low cost Channel will be there every week giving special coverage to all what happens to international celebrity live and unique content to highlight to the audience.

For news teams from around the world who come to cover news in USA, THREE2ACTION serves Income of television equipment such as HD cameras, microphones, audio and video, editing and various equipment and spare them the high costs Transfer of equipment between countries.

We offer top talent to produce content “premium”.

We are where the news occurs, allowing us to reduce costs and provide a competitive price.

We offer the opportunity to create packages tailored channel with respect to special events related to the sport with entertainment.

With our range of programs highlight your station on all other TV channels in the country reaching not only balance but excellence in information.